Lead Up to Your Story

Combined marketing and business-critical story-work services, for companies that are here for the long haul

Marketing Strategy

We work with companies willing to invest in their marketing infrastructure so to promise their future relevance in the market; companies that prefer working with professionals who are service oriented, curious, responsible, interested in their customers' success (we know it takes time to get this one), and trustworthy - we keep our word, lead up to our story, and find pleasure in working with people that care for people and business (in this order).

Story-Work & Storytelling

We work with fast growing and forward looking companies, to help them embed higher levels of collaboration, empathy, service orientation, and effective communications; higher levels of trust, and a shared sense of purpose. Our industry is people; the niche is improved performance and productivity. The objective of our work is to engage and empower employees to invest their extra energy, and act daily on their best intentions and knowledge.

  • Business leaders, can employees tell you?


    This incident happened with one of our clients – a high-profile communication technology company. As part of their online program, they were going to write a company blog. The first contributors they selected are people who manage the main divisions. VPs actually, all very knowledgeable and appreciated experts in their field, all very busy, not […]

  • To re-brand or not to re-brand


    Re-branding is a marketing strategy. It is the outcome of a request by an existing company with an established brand to develop a new, differentiated identity in the minds of consumers, investors, competitors, and other stakeholders. Re-branding is a total makeover. It might include the introduction of a new brand-name, logo, tagline, graphic language, designs, […]

  • 6 good reasons to prompt and share stories at work


    Actually, at work as in life. This is for everyone and it’s not about becoming a storyteller. Let that idea aside; focus on who and what you are, and practice prompting and sharing stories. Here are some good reasons to help you with motivation: It will improve your communication skills. Sharing stories face to face […]

  • Story Work | what’s in it for your organization


    Story Work is about achieving a purpose or a result through working with stories. Try telling that to someone in an organizational setting and you’ll get a variety of expressions. Laying cynicism aside, expressions indicate that people have questions. Questions deserve answers. The Story bit No doubt, it is the story bit that makes people’s […]